Top Line Farm is a 40 acre farm located in Stillwater, MN offering stall board and limited pasture boarding.


Joe purchased Top Line Farm in 2014.  His passion for horses, and hard work, have made Top Line Farm a peaceful sanctuary for both horses and boarders alike!

Joe began riding at an early age, taking riding lessons and participating in 4-H. His family was active in the SE Minnesota agricultural scene and sponsored many events in Minnesota and Regionally. His Great-Great Grandfather toured the state as an agricultural ambassador to promote farming and livestock and those values have been passed on to Joe and Top Line Farm.

Joe began his life on a dairy farm in SouthEastern Minnesota.  Working on his family's farm has brought a wealth of knowledge and a hard work ethic to Top Line Farm.  Joe beautifully maintains the farm...some of his favorite things are driving the skid steer, maintaining the pasture with his John Deere Tractor, mowing the lawn, and plowing snow!  When he's not working hard at the farm Joe enjoys fly fishing, snow boarding/skiing, and maintaining his private pilot's license.

The TLF wonderful staff consists of experienced, and qualified individuals who are all fellow horse owners.  Our farm is staffed 24/7, 365 days a year. 



Joe riding brownie at an early age and 1st Quarter Horse Gus